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Gini 3D the APSI C100 Takes in the Whole of Korea

APSI of Korea have introduced its newest personal navigation system in the form of the APSI C100 PND which, as well as serving as a fully featured GPs navigation system proud of its attractive PMP capabilities within a convenient, highly portable and pleasing single solution.

Running software known as Gini 3D the APSI C100 takes in the whole of Korea in terms of mapping which includes what appears to be complete elevation data for terrain and, more impressively, even man-made structures such as buildings which is displayed in 3D on the device’s you can see in action in the imagery featured below.

Unluckily, the only information concerning the APSI C100 PND accessible to us is via Korean websites that wholly elude translation engines so news sites were unable to bring a specific run-down of the Gini 3D the APSI C100’s full feature.

Gini 3D the APSI C100 comes with A/V connectivity allowing for hooking up a rear mounted camera to aid in reversing as well as a DMB TV tuner, optional external GPS mouse .

Gini 3D the APSI C100 is a seriously an advantageous device.

Gini 3D the APSI C100

source: nexus404.com