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GoPro Fusion Series: GoPro Fusion Studio Now Truly Delivers Near-Gimbal Stabilization

It was promised since the reveal of the GoPro Fusion, and now we finally have it. Full Stabilization is here with Fusion Studio. The term “near-gimbal” quality has been used but what does that really mean?
To find out let’s take a look at videos shot with the new Firmware and Fusion Studio.

First, I shot a polo rider on horseback. This has got to be the acid test of stabilization. I prepared this video to show both unstabilized and then stabilized in the same frame. I think you will agree, this footage is amazing.

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro RC Quadcopter – RTF -Get fantastic 360 Video by adding Al Caudullo’s 360 Camera Mount



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Next, let’s take a look at a more typical use case. Here is me walking on a street. The first thing that you will notice is that when you load your footage into Fusion Studio and have the “Full Stabilization” activated, the horizon is automatically straightened.

The results are really excellent. Yes, a gimbal would be even smoother. But we are talking apples and oranges here. For some shots, you may want that smooth, gliding along look. But for other shots, you may want something more natural without the bounce that you would get with no stabilization.

As for me, I’m sold. In my 37 years in the business, professional opinion, the GoPro Fusion delivers the best 360 stabilization of any Professional quality 360 camera.



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