GoPro Fusion Series-Starting Up and Quick Capture

Hello everyone, this is Al Caudullo for the 360VRVoice and for the Fusion Fanatics out there.

So this is the fusion.

I’m going to go over all the details about it this is probably going to be multiple parts of this will be the first part.

So first let’s talk about what you get just what you need to do.

I’ve already put up the video about how to load the cards and how to do a firmware update.  Which is extremely important because there are going to be a lot of changes, updates, and improvements coming.

So let’s put our MicroSD cards back in. I’ve labeled this one as FRONT and I’ve got the other one labeled as the BACK.

Now let’s put our battery in.

There are two ways to turn on the fusion.


If you really are doing a lot of recording and you want to save the battery, rather than keeping it on all the time, you can leave it off. The what you can do to jump right into recording video is to activate the Fusion by pressing the RECORD Button to turn it on. Notice that the red light comes on.

The GoPro Fusion will turn on and start recording video immediately. This is called quick capture.

You can also do this with time lapse by holding the record button a little bit longer when you press the record button.

To stop recording press the RECORD button again.

You can also turn it on the conventional way by pressing the Mode Button and hold for a second or two.

And then you have a normal power up and you’re ready to go.

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