How to Get Great 360 Aerial Videos With New 3D Printed 360 Camera Mount

With 360 aerials becoming increasingly in demand, this new mount that can be used on the DJI Phantom series of quadcopters is a great tool. You can use your Samsung Gear 360 camera or just about any 360 camera (depending upon weight) that you like. You can use it with or without the 65mm riser. The only issue will be how much of the quadcopter that you have to remove in After Effects.

The problem can be solved thanks to 3D printing and Shapeways.










Previously, I had designed a 360 mount, available thru Shapeways, for the DJI* Mavic Pro .










So now, using my CAD program, I have designed a 360 camera mount for the DJI Phantom 3 or DJI Phantom 4 Pro 









I always test my designs before I make them available and here is the latest flight. Very smooth and beautiful 360 video.









Here is the link on my Shapeways Store for those who have already been asking for it.

You will need a few items to complete the mount for use that are not 3D printed.

Vibration dampening bumpers

Standard 1/4″-20 Male to 1/4″-20 Male Threaded Tripod Screw Adapter

1/4″ Camera Screw Connector


And four zip ties to secure the mount to your Quadcopter legs.  They all can be found on Amazon.









I do want to caution you about flying with a 360 camera hanging below your quadcopter. It can start doing some pretty wild swings if you don’t move slowly. It can act like a pendulum. The heavier the camera the more chance of this happening. SO DO USE CAUTION! Test your set up in an open area and don’t go too high until you get comfortable.

I have also found that with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, the tripod mode works great.

There are many cameras that you can use with my 3D Printed 360 Camera Mounts

Here is a list of a few of them:

Samsung Gear SM-C200, which you can get an amazing deal for only $84

Samsung Gear 2017

Insta360 One

Ricoh Theta S

Kodak Pix Pro 4K

Nikon Keymission

Garmin VIRB

And  Comin Soon, The GoPro Fusion


Hope that you enjoy the new mount and get some awesome 360 videos. Please share I would love to see them!


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