How to Use MantraVR for Premiere Pro CC 2018 Transitions- Immersive Training

Al Caudullo shows how to Use Mettle MantraVR to make 360 video transitions in Premiere Pro CC 2018

When metal released mantra VR it was described as a suite of sixteen drag and drop filters for three sixty degree video and VR projects? It included a node based GUI that enabled us to stack and combine the effects to achieve different results.

The plugin is now compatible with both after effects and premiere pro CC 2018

In some ways Mantra VR defies description. It is a very artistic program. According to Chris Bobotis, “MantraVR is all about stylization…but things that you think are impossible right now in 360, MantraVR will do.”

But I have found a way to use it that I think is much more practical to what I do creating stories. I use it to create transitions between clips.

Mantra VR consists of these sixteen plugin effects.

Mantra VR Chrome Spheres

mantra VR Circular Waves.

Mantra VR Echer Droste

Mantra VR Graphix.

Mantra VR Hyperbolix

Mantra VR Magnifying Glass

Mantra VR Meridian Waves.

Mantra VR Mirrors.

Mantra VR. Mobius Raw

Mantra VR Mobius Rotate

Mantra VR  Mobius Transform

Mantra VR Primitivz

Mantra VR Repeater

Mantra VR Stretcher

Mantra VR Turbulence

and finally Mantra VR Twirl.

Now what I do is I find a spot at the end of one video clip and the beginning of the next video clip.

Then go ahead and create cut points for where I want my transition to begin and end.

So I’ve picked my two points.

In this case, I’m going to take Mantra VR circular waves, and I’m going to drop in on to both of these clips.

But let’s start off with the and clip.

Next, turn on keyframing for both amplitude and wavelength

That gives me my initial keyframe for the beginning of the clip.

Go all the way to the end of the clip.

Bring up the amplitude to one hundred.

And I like to adjust the waveform up as well.

Let’s bring it up to about 25.

Then I move over to the other side the next clip to the beginning of the other clip.

And I do the same thing, except in reverse.

I’ll turn on the keyframe for amplitude in wavelength, but this time my very first keyframe will be one hundred, with the same wavelength setting at 25.

Then I’ll move to the end of that clip

And I will create another keyframe that brings everything back down to zero.

The results are a fascinating transition where the waves go in one way and come back out the other side.

You can do this with any of the sixteen plugins. And create some fascinating and very creative  360 VR Video Transitions.

I’ll have some more 360 Video classes on the way soon.

2 thoughts on “How to Use MantraVR for Premiere Pro CC 2018 Transitions- Immersive Training

  1. My worry is vr/360 has somehow allowed terrible transitions that no sane editor would use in “flatties” to become acceptable. This example seems to me to be the equivalent of a ripple dissolve being added by a 1st year media student because she can, not because she should.
    I’m all for creativity but please…

    1. I don’t disagree. We have tools that are created for us, that doesn’t mean that we have to use them in every video. I am just showing “possible” uses. Whether you use them or not is a matter of personal (or the client’s) choice. Great 360 video for BBC, by the way!

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