How To Use Mettle SkyBox 360/VR Transitions 2

Mettle Mantra V2


The magic makers at Mettle have released some new tools to help us 360 Videographers perform our magic. The new drag and drop seamless transitions are a valuable addition to the other 360 transitions already available. The new set supports the Equirectangular format, mono 2:1 or even 3D Stereo 1:1 Over-under.

Let’s take a look at what is included and how they look in action.

Chroma Leaks:

  • Change the Strength of the Vertical and Horizontal length of the Chroma leaks separately.
  • Adjust Leak angle to change the Rotation of the leaks.
  • Decrease Luma Threshold to effect more pixels in the image. The higher the threshold, the fewer pixels affected.
  • Adjust Leak Brightness and Saturation to effect how bright and saturated the Chroma leaks.
  • Change the Blend factor to adjust how the Chroma Leaks blend into your footage. The smaller the value, the less of a blend.
  • View Adjustments by toggling on VR Display mode or viewing in Skybox VR Player.

Light Leaks:

  • Adjust the Base Leak Hue to decide the initial color of the Light Leak. See this clearly with a lower Spectrum Width.
  • To add more colors from the Base color/hue increase the Spectrum Width. “0” has no color variations from the Base hue while 100 has several.
  • Lower Leak Intensity to effect the blend of the Light Leaks over your Equirectangular footage.
  • Adjust Leak Exposure to affect the gamma (midtones) of the light leaks.
  • Adjust Dissolve Length to affect how the light leaks dissolve into one another.
  • Change Point of Rotation to alter the point of the Rotation Angle will start from across your Equirectangular footage.
  • The Rotation Angle rotates your light leaks around the Point of Rotation.
  • View Point of Rotation adjustments by toggling on VR Display mode or viewing in Skybox VR Player.
  • Random Seed will randomize several of the above-listed parameters. This is a great way to explore variations over the entire light leak.

Light Rays:

  • Change the Start and End Point of Light Rays to determine where the Rays start and end.
  • The Start and Endpoint parameters have on-screen controls in the program Monitor.
  • Inverse the direction of the rays by clicking the empty box to enable it.
  • Clicking the box next to Follow Start Point will have the rays ignore the End Point value.
  • Adjust Luma Threshold to determine how many bright pixels are influenced. The higher the value, the fewer pixels affected.
  • Enable Use Tint Color to have your Rays tinted with the color you select under Tint Color.
  • Adjust Exposure to control the overall brightness of your rays.
  • Adjust Dissolve Length to manipulate the expansion of the rays dissolve.
  • View Adjustments by toggling on VR Display mode or viewing in Skybox VR Player.

Spherical Blur:

  • Change Point of Interest to Change region the Spherical Blur appears across equirectangular footage
  • View Point of Interest Change by toggling on VR Display mode or viewing in Skybox VR Player
  • Use Blur Strength to increase or decrease the amount of Blur
  • Use Exposure to effect gamma as well as blur the image during the transition
  • Add additional rotation animation during the transition to the outgoing or incoming clip

To really appreciate what you can do with these new transitions, please watch the video.

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