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Imagine How Eassee3D Can Be!


Eassee3D just recently release a new app versio (1.4.3).

The update of the new Eassee3D App version 1.4.3 is reviewed by Apple and now available for download at the iTunes app store.
• With the update YouTube videos are playable again directly from the Eassee3D app by online streaming.
• The algorithm of the 2D/3D function has further been optimized. Now you can playback all mp4 files in realtime in 3D.
• mp4 videos now can be opened from e-mail attachments. After download of the clips iOS automatically displays a selection function. Eassee3D is also now integrated. Use the 2D/3D generator to playback easy any clips in 3D without glasses.

Have you tried this yet?