Insta360 One X Dives deep with Amazing Underwater Video

I don’t know what is more amazing, the beauty of these underwater shots from the Maldives or the fact that they were shot using the Insta360 One X, a consumer 360 camera using a $99 Dive Case that will let you go 30 meters underwater to record stunning underwater footage.

Insta360 One X Underwater Dive Housing in Maldives

Al Caudullo and Lawrence Alex Wu teamed up to bring you these stunning examples of what you can do with the Insta360 One X. We’ve been working with the Underwater Dive Case for some time, but I wanted to wait till I could stitch these in my PC so that I could show you the quality of these images in full 5.7k. If you stitch this in your smartphone, you are held to 4k resolution.

Insta360 One X Underwater Dive Housing

To hear more about the insta360 One X Dive case Check out my report coming up soon on 360 today Or you can read about it on 360

Insta360 One X Underwater Dive Housing in Maldives

I hope you enjoyed the videos that are coming your way and I’ll have lots more reviews about both 360 and VR 180.

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