Is Xiaomi Yi 4K a GoPro Hero Killer?

xiaomi yi 4k-02










Xiaomi’s new YI 4K Action Camera 2, which is available for $249.99 compared to GoPro Hero 4 Black at $499.99 is about to make a huge dent in the marketplace. Using the same Ambarella A9 chipset that is in the GoPro Hero4 Black edition, the camera is a viable alternative. With a 2.19-inch, 330 PPI resolution display, very much like the one that is on the Hero 4 Silver.










It is wider than the HD model that preceded it but very much smaller than the Hero4. A big plus is the battery life. The unit can record 110 minutes of 4K @ 30fps. It offers 1080 and 720 recording as well.

Recently, the VR market has started to embrace this Hero killer. When it comes to 6 or more cameras in a VR rig, the price makes it a no-brainer. Hackers have already published easy ways to control the multiple cameras with an Android smartphone app.

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