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James Cameron’s Avatar Novel in the Making

Avatar is already a movie and a video game, and a novel next?

James Cameron is already at work on an Avatar novel, translating his 3D world and his blue aliens into black and white. They are apparently in talks with numerous publishing companies over the rights to release the novel to try to capitalize on the amazing performance of the film in the box offices.

IGN spoke with Avatar producer Jon Landau about the possibility of a sequel. Landau replied that an on-screen sequel to Avatar would depend on audience response, but that Cameron is planning to expand the world of Pandora on the page.

Cameron’s name has been attached to previous novelizations of his films along with other writers (although the novelization for his 1989 film The Abyss was credited solely to Orson Scott Card.) But given that Avatar has been his baby for the past decade, it’ll be interesting to see if he’ll be writing the Avatar novel himself and if it will truly be more than a novelization, stretching far beyond the scope of the film.

James Cameron's Avatar Novel in the Making

source: io9.com