Japan Deflates VR Sex Festival Too Many People


When a group of porn enthusiasts decided to launch the first VR Sex Festival in Japan this week, they probably expected a fair amount of interest. Granted, there are millions of people that watch sites like dosexvideo every single day, so you would expect a large amount of interest. What they probably weren’t prepared for, however, was a full-on shutdown before the event had even opened. Unfortunately for the organisers of Adult VR Fest 01 in Tokyo, this is exactly what happened; with the event proving so popular that visiting crowds were forced to evacuate, and the festival closed down almost as soon as it began. Fortunately, if you want to experience VR sex for yourself, you don’t have to go to a festival to do this. You can do it from the comfort of your own home with sites like this – http://www.vrpornmovies.net/.

According to reports, only 20 lucky people at the front of the crowd were allowed into the festival. They apparently had the chance to trial the featured gadgets, which included cardboard breasts simulators, virtual reality headsets, and robot arms designed to give pleasure at the push of a button. Many of the people who attended were there to explore their fantasies and potentially find a hidden pleasure they may not have known about, to start using at home.

“The event didn’t start until 2pm, so I went there in high spirits an hour before then, but the city was already overflowing with people,” one unsuccessful visitor told VR Talk. “There were so many that it was almost impossible to keep the situation under control. While waiting for my friends, I couldn’t help but think that if they couldn’t control the mass of people, a riot or something similar could happen.”

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