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Leaked News: GoPro Hero4


Now that 4k has come and about… a GoPro with a 4K resolution is what we’re waiting for. Don’t you?

We’ve got an unconfirmed news from Dgise.com about the release of GoPro Hero4 this year on October. The camera is poised to boast 4k video recording capability at 30 fps, even 1080p at 120fps!

The news continues; GoPro Hero 4 will also come with a 13-megapixel photo sensor and a completely new lens for shooting in dark. Multi-Exposure and HDR WDR tone mapping, electronic image stabilization, also improved MCTF. Dual sensor interfaces 12-lane SLVDS/HiSPiTM/subLVDS, 4-lane, remote viewfinder playback which is extremely easy to use. You shouldn’t to have special technical knowledge or skills to do it. GoPro Hero cameras are amazing because they have a waterproof housing with a flat lens for shooting under water (up to 60m). Built-in Wi-Fi module, USB & HDMI – the only thing that brings it closer to homeliness. The camera has the ability to capture still images during video recording and perform encoding H.264/ BP / MP / HP Level 5.1 and MJPEG.

Action Cameras of GoPro have become extremely popular as an excellent way to capture high-quality video at high speeds relative to the price that usually is $340.

Source: Dgise.com