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Lytro Breaks Convention With 755 MegaPixel Cinema Camera









I can’t even begin to imagine the file sizes, at 400 gigabytes per second with 40K resolution, and the CPU/GPU power needed to use them, but this is one of those breakthroughs that certainly qualifies as a game changer. Capturing all the light rays within the scene, and providing all the data points with color properties, directional properties, and focus capabilities. Framerates up to 300fps and shutter angles along with 16 stops of dynamic range can be decided in post-production, rendering motion blur as a flexible creative decision. It no longer locked in on sat with what you shoot but rather the real creativity begins in post production.










UHD get screen is created with every shot. It’s almost like having a green screen for every object or person on the set. Composite foregrounds and backgrounds unique using depth information and reduce the demand for cumbersome and an expensive green screens on set.

Combining an integrated high-resolution active scanning system with the Light Field data, Lytro Cinema is providing precise camera tracking information that greatly simplifies the task of CG integration and match moving.

But all of this comes at a price, and this isn’t a Wal-Mart special. With rentals starting at $125,000 for utilizing the camera and software suite needed.