MasterImage 3D Debuts Industry’s Brightest 3D

masterimage 3d digital cinema system

MasterImage 3D Debuts Industry’s Brightest 3D Digital Cinema System MI-HORIZON3D Reaches 33% Light Efficiency for Premium 3D Experience

CINEEUROPE, BARCELONA, SPAIN — (June 16, 2014) — MasterImage 3D, Inc., a provider of pioneering 3D solutions for theatres, announced today their brightest 3D system yet. The new MI-HORIZON3D redefines premium 3D experiences reaching 33% light efficiency, where as previous systems never exceeded 28% light efficiency. The innovative new three-beam optical system is based off of MasterImage 3D’s patented cinema technologies. It is specifically designed to be adaptable to theatres of multiple sizes including contemporary wide-screened auditoriums that offer a lower throw ratio (ratio of the distance to the screen compared to screen width). 33% Light Efficiency – three-beam light recycling and pioneering reflection optics preserve more light than any other 3D cinema system 0.8 Throw Ratio – high-brightness image quality that supports low throw ratios for wider screens Wider Color Gamut – lackluster images can result from keeping out certain color wavelengths. Does not filter color, contributing to a more vivid 3D experience Image Clarity – three-beam method produces 3D images with high sharpness, low crosstalk (less than 2%) and minimized image distortion Consistent Alignment – stable optical design lowers alignment to less than 1 pixel and minimizes keystone effects where images can deteriorate around screen edges Lightweight Passive 3D Eyewear – utilizes cost-effective passive 3D glasses, enabling one to reduce operational costs No License Fees – most flexible, cost-effective purchase options with no ongoing royalties or fees “We designed our system to set the new standard on how theatres define high-brightness 3D and equip their premium, wider auditoriums,” said Younghoon Lee, Chairman and CEO of MasterImage 3D. “With the MI-HORIZON3D, your movie-going patrons will visibly notice better 3D — brighter picture quality, more vivid colors and crisper presentation. With our popular ownership model, it has never been more accessible for exhibitors across Europe to significantly upgrade their 3D viewing experience.”


MasterImage 3D High-Brightness Product Line:

MI-HORIZON3D: Premium high-brightness cinema (33% Light Efficiency. 0.8 Throw Ratio.)

MI-HORIZON3D S: Standard high-brightness system (28% Light Efficiency. Standard Throw Ratio)

MI-HORIZON3D DUAL: High-brightness dual-projection (67% Light Efficiency. 0.8 Throw Ratio)



Demonstration: MasterImage 3D Theatre (Meeting Room 129) Tradeshow Floor: Booth 401 ICTA Educational Session: 3D Update. Sean Lohan, SVP Digital Cinema Wednesday, 6.18 @10:30am. Sponsored Lunch: Wednesday, 6.18 @12:30pm. MasterImage 3D appreciates the support of its partners: Barco, Doremi Labs and Harkness for helping equip the CineEurope 2014 3D screening.

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