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Mufin Player Pro Music Player with Interactive 3D

Mufin has released a freshly-baked music player that makes it into the digital era. It is Mufin Player Pro Music Player with Interactive 3D. It recognizes the sound of your music and has a visual navigation of music collection based on their sounds – making your music organized and enjoyable. Plus, it will enable you to discover new ones easier.

Other player out there lets one view his music files through sorting it by artists or title. On the other hand, Mufin Player Pro Music Player, gives you an exceptional soundsort tool that categorizes tracks according to the song’s musical qualities, tempo, etc. It would be easier for a listener to find a music which fits his mood.

Mufin Player Pro Music Player with Interactive 3D

Mufin Player Pro Music Player takes sound-based management a step further with its ‘3D Sound Universe’. Its visual navigation tool displays an entire music collection on a single screen. Songs are aligned based on its sound metrics into distinct sound galaxies, and the closer songs appear in the universe, the more similar their sound metrics. As many as 14 metrics can be used to customize the 3D Sound Universe to the music- lover’s needs. This 3D Sound Universe is fully interactive, with easy drag-and-drop to create playlists, as well as searching, renaming, filtering, and song recommendations.

Jurgen Jaron, CEO of Mufin said, “Digital music technology has so much more to offer than just MP3. Mufin player pro lets you playfully travel your music collection guided by its sound, something that you simply can’t do with your physical record collection.”

Source: prweb.com