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NAB 2013 “Last Demo of the Day”


Technology sneak peek to be shown in special sessions: ideal for stereographers, VFX artists, and editors, or anyone ready to work with stereoscopic 3D.


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LAS VEGAS — NAB 2013 – Pretend LLC, a new company launched by the founders of Nothing Real, developers of the visual effects software Shake™, announced today that the company will be presenting new developments to the already successful Stereoid product; stereographic 3D software for under $1,000, plus a first look at an exciting new product in development.


Demonstrations to small groups will be held off-site at the Cosmopolitan Hotel during the NAB 2013 conference in Las Vegas from April 8th – 11th.


Stereoid is a simple user interface that produces great stereoscopic results. It natively supports ARRIRAW and REDCODE RAW formats, as well as QuickTime ProRes for both input and output with the right configuration. Read the full list of features at Pretenllc.com.


“We just released Stereoid a few weeks ago, but already we are ready to give our users a look at the upcoming version of the product, as well as a sneak peek of a new product we’re working on,” said Allen Edwards, Pretend LLC CEO. “We are inviting anyone who is working with stereo 3D, or anyone looking to add it to their existing knowledge base to join us for a free group demo.”


From VFX artists to stereographers, editors and more, attend one of the three sessions to see the new products in action and for the chance to win a copy of Stereoid 1.0.



How can you use Stereoid?

  • As the main tool of a stereoscopic workflow to correct the plates and perform artistic changes of depth.
  • To complement tools to an existing stereoscopic pipeline to speed up the correction of stereo defects and performance of depth adjustments.
  • As a key component of the dailies process to automatically produce corrected plates with the option to carry files and metadata for further use in the post-production process.
  • For integration with editorial to fix problematic stereo sequence or enhance the stereo effects.
  • On-set and near-set to provide technical and artistic guidance during stereoscopic shoot.



Comments from Steroid users

“Stereoid came in just at the right time as we were in a hurry to align plates for an IMAX movie. Simple and cost effective, it saved us.”

François Lord, CG Supervisor/Lead Technical Director, Oblique FX


“Stereoid is reasonably priced for the level of Stereoscopic automation that it offers and has almost no learning curve for anyone who understands Stereoscopic production, but has a powerful engine underneath.”

Andrew Parke, S.O.C.


“Stereoid is the 3-D correction and optimization tool I’ve been waiting for. Stereoid is simply the perfect link between 3-D recording and 3-D post-production that can save you a lot of problems, time and money.”

 Svend B. Sorensen, 3-D Specialist and former CEO of ColorCode 3-D ApS


Source: PretendLLC News



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