A New Logo And New Features With Kolor Autopano Video 3.0 RC1





There is a cool new purple logo for Kolor Autopano Video Pro 3.0 RC1, but that’s just the beginning.

To start off, Kolor is not going to confuse us with Autopano Video and Autopano Video “PRO”, henceforth there is only one product, “Autopano Video”.

Next, the GPU-CUDA acceleration is crazy fast, and we are talking 5x fast, depending upon your computer set up. Along with that an increase in rendering times by a factor of three!

One thing though, audio is not implemented in CUDA mode, you’ll need to add that in post production.

One more thing guys, you want all this speed and D-Warp, then most likely you will have to pay for it. I’ve already read the gripping online and I personally feel it is totally unjustified. Many got spoiled with access to the Alpha product and now that the Release Candidate is out they are complaining about paying for an upgrade. Get real guys and girls, Kolor put a lot of money into developing this bundle of joy and they need to make money to stay in business. So stop complaining, dig into your pockets and cough up the cash because you know it’s worth every penny! Besides, be happy that they haven’t gone to a subscription method where you NEVER own the software, just rent it on a monthly basis. I for one, am very happy that they haven’t.

While we are on the subject, here is the deal with pricing. You can get the upgrade price if you already own whatever versions (AV, AVP, 1 or 2 ), That price is 269€ before taxes.
If you bought an Omni after May 17th, then it is free.

Once you purchase a license for 3.0, you get free upgrades to all subsequent 3.X versions.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s get back to the new features.


D.WARP technology offers a new way to stitch your footage and dramatically reduces the need for post-processing. Just click on the D.WARP button and most stitching errors due to parallax will be removed. No manual editing is required to use D.WARP and it works for both static and moving shots!D.WARP is now compatible with all rigs with at least 3 cameras, results may vary depending on the size of the overlapping areas and other factors.

Timecode Support

This new version supports timecode which allows videos from any genlocked rig to be directly imported into Autopano Video without the need to synchronize the videos again. On the export side of things, you can either choose your start time in the render box or pass-through the source timecodes. The burn-in function will also help you work with proxy files in post-processing. This feature works with solutions offered by third party companies like Timecode Systems, and results to a faster and more precise workflow.

GoPro VR Player Support

You can now preview the 360 video you’re working on in GoPro VR Player, our free MacOS / Windows VR player.
GoPro VR Player is compatible with the Oculus and HTC Vive and will allow you to preview your footage in a VR headset without exporting your video or leaving Autopano Video.

Frictionless Nuke/ Autopano Video Workflow

Whenever a user imports an Autopano Video project into Nuke, their nodes will be created automatically, providing a seamless workflow they can immediately apply to Cara VR. With a robust bridge between the two apps, Foundry and GoPro customers can access the right tool for the job, at every stage of their workflow.

I will be posting tutorials for the new features and any tricks and tips that I can offer in the very near future.

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