Ozo is Gone But, 360 VR Video is far From Dead









Overpriced and undersold, Nokia OZO goes for the big sleep. Yes, it’s a sad story that doesn’t have a happy ending at this point. But it’s not as bad as some websites would like to have us believe. One site even touted this as the end of the VR! If they really think that’s the case and they weren’t just saying that to try and grab some views, then maybe they should go to film school to get some education about the robust nature of the 360 VR camera Market. Or perhaps they were just trolling for more views with a cheap headline.






It’s literally been raining 360 cameras for many months now with new cameras See Me 2 come out on almost every week. The Nokia OZO was a good 360 camera, but it’s been eclipsed by so many others for so much less that it just couldn’t keep up with the simple economics of supply and no demand. Rumors have it that there were less than 500 units sold worldwide.








I would have hoped that Nokia had deep enough Pockets to go the distance, but perhaps that just wasn’t the case. Maybe they didn’t feel they could compete against the glut of 360 cameras that were all priced less than the original $60,000 price tag. Towards the end, the price dropped quickly to $40,000 and then even as low as  $25,000. And when sales weren’t forthcoming it certainly was the proverbial handwriting on the wall.






So for those of you out there that are 360 enthusiastic or professionals or something in between take heart, 360 VR video is not dead it’s just going through natural growing pains. Definitely, the best is yet to come.










Another example is the recent Adobe Max conference where they revealed a veritable treasure trove of NEW 360 VR tools, further integrating 360 VR Video as an indomitable force to be reckoned with for now and the future.

So don’t worry true believers, 360 VR Video is far from dead, in fact, it’s prominence is almost guaranteed.

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