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Panasonic 3D Technology Still Impressive

“We had the chance to enjoy the first demo of Panasonic’s 3D video technology a few months ago, but we could not resist giving it another try… And while I admit that Toshiba 3D Cell Regza was impressive, Panasonic 3D Technology seems slightly better on their 103” LCD.
But the real surprise comes from several new prototypes from Panasonic with a gorgeous 50” 3D Full HD TV PDP and 3D Blur-Ray player, we already talked about this but seeing it in the flesh was really impressive and once again I am now more than ever planning to get one of those 3D wonders…” – a statement from Daimaou

Panasonic's 3D Booth at CEATEC 2009 in Japan

Source: akihabaranews