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Radiant Images Intros VRLive

Mobius POV Virtual Reality Rig & Workflow from Radiant Images on Vimeo.

VR Live is a unique live-streaming technology offering a 360-degree video stream, distributed to any smart phone, anywhere in the world, viewable as a 360-degree scrollable live-video or experienced with a virtual reality head-mounted display. VR Live gives live-presence a new meaning – BE THERE: ANYWHERE. More Info.

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The field of immersive imaging, more commonly referred to as virtual reality, VR or 360 cameras, is surging forward with the emergence of new display and distribution technologies. Simply put, with VR, the camera sees in all directions at once and the viewer decides where to look. Head-mounted displays such as Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR enable content creators to transport viewers into a scene where they can fully experience their surroundings. Additionally, phone and tablet applications can now use immersive imaging combined with position sensors to create fascinating interactive experiences. Even in conventional display formats, immersive cameras for visual effects sequences deliver stunning and surreal results.

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Pioneering filmmakers are using this technology to tell stories in entirely new ways. At Radiant Images, we have been working hand-in-hand with these creative leaders to provide systems to realize their vision. As demand for this type of content grows, Radiant’s experience and early expertise with VR technology makes us uniquely positioned to help those new to immersive imaging understand the challenges and succeed in their first projects. Learn more.

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