Red Giant Offload Offers Choice

I will tell you unabashedly, I love BulletProof. I have been doing and hands on review of the Red Giant Shooters Suite. There’s nothing like firsthand testing in the field to see if a product really works. And Read Giant Shooters Suite works!
So now Read Giant has added another gem to this collection of jewels, Offload.
Offload is really just BulletProof without any of the bells and whistles’s. If you’re in the field and you just want to download and back up your camera precious video files and not worry about titles made a data and all sorts of other things done this is perfect for you.
Below is the release from Red Giant.

Red Giant just released Offload, a standalone application for reliable backup of footage in the field. Available alone or as part of the Red Giant Shooter Suite, Offload makes the often unreliable and tedious task of backing up files from camera card to laptop and external drives a hassle-free experience. Offload is media and camera agnostic, and requires no additional equipment used in the normal footage offload process.

“When your work sits on a tiny, plastic camera card, anything can happen, on location or in transit,” said Shooter Suite product manager Randon Morford. “Too often, shooters discover that their footage has been lost through a corrupted offload process or through damaged hardware. Red Giant Offload eliminates the stress that every filmmaker goes through between shooting and delivery – it gives you the peace of mind that your footage was safely copied with the added benefit of automating an additional backup.”

“I’ve experienced hard drive corruption before and lost a huge amount of data,” said filmmaker Trevor McIntosh. “Offload’s backup and checksum features make me feel safe about my footage.”

Unlike a typical footage copy-and-paste backup operation, Offload gives users clear visual assurances that their footage has been safely copied. The user interface features progress indicators as well as footage thumbnails, and offers file verification notices so that users are assured that their work has been safely transferred to disk. Users can also opt to make an additional, automated backup of their footage. Reliability does not supersede simplicity, however — rather it’s a marriage of the two. The requires just a few clicks of the mouse to get Offload going.

Red Giant Offload is now available for US$49. You can see how Offload works in this video:

Red Giant Offload from Red Giant on Vimeo.