Red Giant Universe 3.2 Just Dropped Today

Red Giant Universe 3.2

Red Giant has just dropped the new version of Universe 3.2 today, and I’ve got to tell you it’s got some impressive new features and some significant updates.

Let’s start by telling you what is new and updated!

Red Giant Universe 3.2 Typographic Tool

Five Brand New Tools in Red Giant Universe 3.2

  • Typographic: Design intricate shape and text animations for social media and more.
  • Reframe: Create picture-in-picture compositions, with control over animation, image borders, and more. 
  • Warp: Instantly build a slick, beautiful transition with warping and color separation. 
  • Multitone: Stylize images by using a colorful duotone or tritone effect. 
  • Socialize: Use framing to pre-visualize the export and create deliverables for Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. 

Updates and New Presets

  • Inspired by social media apps, film looks, and popular photo filters, Finisher now includes 16 stylish color filters to enhance imagery. 
  • Universe 3.2 includes a total of over 100 new presets for all of the new tools and Finisher. 

The features that I will use most often are the Typographic and Socialize Tools.

Red Giant Universe 3.2 Typographic Tool

We all need titles for our video creations, and good, compelling titles take time to make. But this new tool makes it much faster and easier. Being able to choose from a bunch of super cool title presets make editing life so much better.

I can grab a preset and even if it’s not exactly the way I want it, I can adjust the animation, fonts positioning a so much more to make it be “just right” for me. That saves me hours of precious editing time!

Red Giant Universe 3.2 Reframe Tool

Reframe allows you to pop in picture in picture effects with a handy set of presets. Most times I don’t even need to adjust these to use them. I keep the main video on the top layer of the timeline, then I use the PIP video on the layer below. Nest I add the effect to the topmost video and in the effects control panel I point to the PIP video from my timeline, and BANG! I’m done.

Red Giant Universe 3.2 Reframe Tool

Next on my favorite list is the Socialize Tool. I work primarily in VR, but I still need to create teasers and trailers for all types of social media. As you can see, the, presets include the most commonly used reframes for most social media. If you really need to, you can create your own.

Red Giant Universe 3.2 Warp Tool

The Warp tool enables you to create very cool warp transitions with both warping and color separation.

Multitone gives you color flexibility with presets and custom adjustments that utilize duotone or even a tritone effect.

There is so much that adds to your creativity, and I’ll be hard at work showing you examples of all of these very soon.

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