Rendevous de l’Animation Showcases 360 VR and Animation With Classes









From January 23 till 31, 2017, the Embassy of France in Thailand presents the third edition of Rendez-vous de l’Animation, taking place at the World Film Festival of Bangkok. The event will feature screenings, masterclasses & workshops focused on Animation and Virtual Reality. The Rendez-vous de l’Animation is organized in collaboration with Thai and French professionals.









On 28-29 January at TK Park, 360 VR Filmmaker, Al Caudullo of Explore 360 Studios will hold a two-day course in 360 VR filmmaking. Al Caudullo is a veteran of 35 years of experience in filmmaking and has already sold 360 VR projects for both entertainment, travel, corporate advertising and more. Learn how to select the right 360 VR camera for your needs. Find out how to shoot with different 360 cameras.

During the course, Al Caudullo will show the processes for ingesting footage, post processing and stitching using Kolor Autopano Video Pro, Autopano Giga, and the Omni Importer.










Post production will continue with demonstrations of Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Mocha VR, Mettle Skybox, and New Blue FX Pro Titler 5.









The classes are open to professionals and students.

The schedule of events follows;

► SCREENING – Animation films
23-31 January at SF World Cinema
All the films are in original version with Thai and English subtitles:
– The Red Turtle, Michael Dudok de Wit, 2016
– My Life as a Zucchini, Claude Barras, 2016
– The Girl Without Hands, Sébastien Laudenbach, 2016
– Adama, Simon Rouby, 2015
– Phantom Boy, Jean-Loup Felicioli & Alain Gagnol, 2015
– Best Short Films of Annecy: Young Audience, Various Directors, 2010-2015
– Best Short Films of Annecy: All Audiences, Various Directors, 2012-2015

► WORKSHOP – Project development
23-27 January at TK Park – Limited to 5 selected projects
Language of the workshop: English
The project development workshop is aiming at Thai professionals to gain international market recognition. Five Short Films projects will be selected. After a pitching session on January 27, only one project will be selected to go to MIFA-Annecy in June 2017.

► Masterclasses
24-25-27 January at TK Park
Open to all professionals and students
Language of the masterclasses: English
– 24 January: Masterclass 1: The Creation Process
– 25 January: Masterclass 2: Produce Animation
– 27 January: Masterclass 3: Festivals & Markets. Will be followed by a pitching session with the five projects selected for the workshop

***Experts invited for Animation
– Géraldine Baché, Festivals and Markets Expert, MIFA-Annecy
– Pierre-Luc Granjon, Animation Films Director
– Corinne Destombes, Producer of Animation Films

► VR EXPERIENCES (fictions)
28-29 January at TK Park – Open to all audiences
All the films are in English version without subtitles
– Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness, production Agat Films & Cie, Ex Nihilo, coproduction Archer’s Mark, Arte France, Audiogaming
– S.E.N.S VR, production Red Corner, coproduction Arte
– I, Philip, production OKIO Studio, coproduction Arte

28-29 January at TK Park – Open to professionals and students
Language of the masterclasses: English
– 28 January: Masterclass 1: Storytelling in VR
– 29 January: Masterclass 2: Distribution of VR

28-29 January at TK Park – Open to professionals and students
Language of the workshops: English
28 January: Material to use/Filming in VR
29 January: Post processing and editing

***Experts invited for VR
– Charles Ayats, Screenwriter and Designer (S.E.N.S VR)
– Marie Blondiaux, Producer, Business Developer (S.E.N.S VR)
– Alfred Caudullo, Filmmaker/Storyteller (Explore 360)


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