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Samsung 360-degree 3D Camera Announced

Samsung Project Beyond 2014 Developer Conference -360-degree camera

Samsung Project Beyond…definitely a wildly immersive experience, if not quite as impressive as you’d hope for. You truly can experience the setting in full 360 degree… 

Samsung just announced Project Beyond at its 2014 Developer Conference — it’s a 360-degree camera module that captures everything around it in 3D. It captures a gigapixel of 3D footage every second, and can stream that footage back to someone wearing Samsung’s Gear VR headset, essentially transporting them into that world. Essentially, Project Beyond continuously creates a virtual 3D environment of wherever it is placed — Samsung said people would be able to tune in live or record footage to be viewed at any time. In a lot of ways it feels like the cameras seen on a Google Street View backpack, but much smaller and more portable. It’s otherwise a pretty unique (and surely expensive) piece of hardware.

Source: TheVerge.com