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So What Did You Think Of Oculus Connect 6? Jonathan Bloom & Al Caudullo Talk to Attendees

Jonathan Bloom and Al Caudullo together again for the first time. Enjoy the fun and questions as we ask the attendees at Oculus Connect 6 their thoughts about the announcements today and what it means to them.

So many announcements…

  • Oculus Link: A new way for people who own Quest and a gaming PC to access content from the Rift Platform. The software will launch in beta this November and it will work with most high-quality USB-C cables. Later this year, we’ll release a premium cable to provide a best-in-class experience with maximum throughput to run Rift content and enough length so you can move easily in VR.
  • Oculus Go apps on Quest: Beginning September 26, Oculus Quest owners can access a variety of popular Oculus Go apps on Quest.
  • Oculus TV update + Introducing Media Studio
    • Oculus TV – A central hub where you can discover and watch media on both Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. Update launching later this fall. ○ 
    • Media Studio – A new media management tool that lets creators upload and publish immersive content directly to VR. Launching at OC6.
  • Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond: Oculus Studios and Respawn Entertainment introduce Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond which brings the historic battlefields of World War II back to the forefront for an epic AAA VR gaming experience like no other. Launching 2020.
  • Vader Immortal II: In Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series Episode II players return to Mustafar to learn the ways of the Force, including new powers and lightsaber skills. Launching at OC6.
  • Stormland + Asgard’s Wrath: Pre-orders for two highly-anticipated Oculus Studios titles open at OC6. Asgard’s Wrath, from Sanzaru Games, launches October 10. Stormland, from Insomniac Games launches November 14.
  • Beat Saber Panic!: Beat Saber 360 is launching in December and Panic! At The Disco Music Pack is available next week.
  • Introducing LiveMaps: Our vision for a virtual overlay that will let you anchor virtual content in the real world and enable other AR experiences.
  • Half Dome Prototype updates: The next iteration of our FRL VR prototype that’s more comfortable, compact, and geared for productivity, Half Dome 2.
  • Full-Body Codec Avatars: Building on our research on Codec Avatars—incredibly lifelike digital representations of the heads of real people—we’re showing off our research around full body avatars for more lifelike and meaningful interactions.