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Sony 360-degree 3D Display

Sony will reveal its prototype 3D display that can be seen through 360 degrees without the need to wear special glasses.

The display will be introduced later this week at the Digital Contents Expo in Tokyo. The display is cylindrical so it can be viewed from all sides and is 13 centimeters in diameter. All in all, it’s 27 centimeters tall.

Sony Develops 360-degree 3D Display will be used in exhibitions and public areas for advertising or used in the home to display 3D photos and other images. The only drawback is, the screen in the prototype only supports a low resolution of 96 pixels by 128 pixels.

Sony is heavily promoting 3D imaging. Sony also plans to design a LCD television that can show 3D images and launch it next year.

Sony is heavily promoting 3D imaging

source: pcworld