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SSX3: The game has changed!

Have you not heard of emotion3D’s Stereoscopic Suite X3 for Adobe’s After Effects? Or did you?

This week, emotion3D release some new videos that showcase the fantastic workflow for using emotion3D’s Stereoscopic Suite X3 for Adobe’s After Effects and The Foundry’s Nuke.

You may want to try it out! emotion3D is available for a FREE TRIAL download on their website, emotion3d(dot)tv.

The videos include:

  •  SSX3 for After Effects: Fix Geometry & Color; Depth Map Generation

Learn how to automatically remove pan/tilt/roll, vertical misalignments, keystone and zoom mismatch between cameras. Set up and render out high-quality disparity maps from stereo footage for compositing and VFX.

  •  SSX3 for After Effects: Advanced Depth Grading

Compress or expand scene depth on a shot-by-shot basis to adapt the content to the target viewing environment. 

  •  SSX3 for Nuke: Overview of Features

Overview of SSX3 features within the Nuke enviroment: color & geometry fixes; generation of depth maps and virtual camera positions. 


Source: emotion3D Press Release