Super Nintendo World Theme Park Will Include AR Mario Kart Roller Coaster

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Don Mario’s famous red cap and take on other visitors in this on-rails interactive attractions.

This February marks the launch of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, a highly-anticipated video game-inspired theme park featuring all-things Nintendo.

The $578 million attraction, while small, offers visitors unique interactive experiences powered by their Nintendo Switch console, including the ability to collect virtual coins scattered throughout the area.

This week Nintendo revealed one of the park’s first flagship attractions, Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, an AR-enhanced interactive rollercoaster based on the companies legendary go-kart-style racing game. This on-rails IRL experience pits two cars of four against one another in a high-speeds race powered via a combination of AR and projection mapping technology.

Upon taking their seats, visitors are equipped with an adorable AR headset similar to that of Mario’s instantly-recognizable red hat. This allows passengers to view colorful 3D visuals as they collect various power-up boxes via a custom wristband. Much like the original game, passengers can throw these specialty items at competing cars to impede their progress as they race side-by-side in real life.

According to Universal Studios Japan, no two races in Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge are ever the same, offering visitors a unique experience each time they step behind the wheel.

Super Nintendo World is scheduled to open on February 4th, 2021 at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 numbers increasing in Osaka, this date could be subject to change. Until then, park operators are keeping the venue at 50% capacity and working directly with health officials to establish proper safety procedures.

For more information check out Bloomberg’s Super Nintendo World coverage here.

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