SuperHero 3D Cable

gopro -dual hero 3d system - LCD extensions Cable-actual

Dual Hero 3D System Extension Cable 

Extension cable for GoPro Dual Hero 3D System.

Price is $159.99.


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gopro -dual hero 3d system - LCD extensions Cable-3 Advance SuperHero 3D System Cable 

Sync-trigger cable for your GoPro Hero 2, Hero 3 (Black Edition) cameras with LCD BacPac Extension.

PRICE: USD 129.99

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Basic  SuperHero 3D System Cable 

Sync-trigger cable for your GoPro Hero 2, Hero 3 (Black Edition) cameras.


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gopro -dual hero 3d system - LCD extension-Cable-2

SuperHero LCD BacPac Extension Cable 

LCD BacPac Extension for the Hero 2, Hero 3 Hero 3 (Black Edition). 1-foot long.


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gopro -dual hero 3d system - LCD extensions Cable-sm

*Photo posted for illustration only. Actual product may vary. Standard 2-week shipping time.

*We also specialize in one-button custom-cable solutions for multicam set ups.

16 thoughts on “SuperHero 3D Cable

  1. Hi, following Sergei’s statement do u have any expectations when the cable for Hero 4+ will be available now ?

  2. Do you still have the LCD BacPac Extension Cable? I need one with flat cable, this in your photo is a Flat cable?
    Thanks for your answer.

  3. Al,
    Does the Advance SuperHero 3D System Cable allow for stereo motion synchronization as precise as the GoPro Dual Hero 3D System?

    In other words, do I understand correctly that I would not need the GoPro Dual Hero 3D System at all and will be able to achieve stereo sync between two 3+ Black cameras while also viewing through two attached GoPro Touch BackPac LCD Screens.
    Many thanks,

  4. I suggest, very respectfully, that you add clear photos and detailed descriptions to your products. I am impressed by your work, and I would be willing to purchase several of your products if I had a clear idea what I was buying and what exactly it did.

    1. Tom
      I have to say that you are the first person that has an issue. I would be happy to help you. Have you looked at the related articles that talk about what the SuperHero does?

    2. I cant tell what the products are exactly either. For the rigs, can we get some clear pics of the rig? I see a guy holding it from 10 feet away. A pic from the angles would help. It looks like a Z bar, but I cannot make it out well at all.

  5. for the Basic SuperHero 3D System Cable
    Sync-trigger cable for your GoPro Hero 2, Hero 3 and Hero3+cameras.
    can i modify this to make it less bulky and lighter weight by removing the plastic busing at the ends and just shrink wrapping them? I want them to be at 90 degrees like the go pro Dual link.
    with this cable the cameras will begin recording at the exact same time so i don’t have to sync in post?



    SALE PRICE: USD 69.99

    1. It is not advisable to do as this makes the cable susceptible to breaking easily.
      With the hero 3+ in post you will always need to do a slight trim at the beginning and end of each clip. They are in sync.

  6. Al, Do I understand correctly that a Sync-trigger cable for Hero3+ cameras with LCD BacPac Extension allows synchronized 3D shooting and viewing on either one or two LCD screens at the same time? Do you have a link to provide more detail? Are you proceeding with the underwater housing project for Hero3+ cameras and when do you anticipate offering them? Do you need beta testing?

    1. Mark
      There are two two different items available right now. The Superhero which does what you described and an extention cable for the Dual Camera System.
      The Superhero works with both the Hero 3 and 3+. The Extention Cable only works on the Hero 3+.
      Sorry, no beta testers needed.

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