The Beethoven X Big Bang Flash Mob- Celebrating Beethoven’s 249th Birthday in 360 VR


Joining together Youth Orchestras from all over Thailand, Somtow Sucharitkul has created a fantastic start to the year-long celebration leading up to Beethoven’s 250th Birthday. Siam Sinfonietta, under Siam Sinfonietta, Trisdee na Patalung and Voraprach Wongsathapornpat.

The Thai Youth Orchestra conducted by Akkrawat Srinarong. The Immanuel Orchestra and conductor, Jonathan Mann. The Isaan Duriyang Orchestra League with Music Directors, Somtow Sucharitkul and Voraprach Wongsathapornpat.

BEETHOVEN X is an official part of the worldwide BTHVN 2020 Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven. The venue of the Flash Mob was the Bangkok Art and Culture Center in Bangkok Thailand. Shot with two VuzeXR cameras. Shot by Al Caudullo.

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Recommended MicroSD Card for use with the Fusion 360 camera

Recommended MicroSD Card for use with the Fusion 360 camera 

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