The Future Of 3D On Smartphones And Tablets Speculated

Researchers from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) have developed a naked-eye 3D tablet computer-glasses-free-3d

3D is undoubtedly the next big thing. Various business and industrial segments are already using 3D for better ROI. More changes are sure to make their way through, but to which direction they will be heading is a relevant question.

The hand-held device market has begun to adopt the latest 3D trends. Ten or fifteen years from now, we are sure to see some real improvements in the 3D domain. But since inquisitive creatures, many of us have already started to wonder what type of changes will creep into the 3D of the future.

In this article, we’ll make a meal for our readers who are curious to know the future of 3D technology for Smartphones, Tablets, and similar devices. For that, we first need to touch base the current developments in the 3D arena.

Current Developments

Microsoft has long been rumored to introduce a Windows run 3D phone. Reports were to and fro indicating the phone is underway. But in the third quarter of 2014, we got to hear Microsoft has decided to kill the flagship phone. The reasons for giving such a futuristic idea a thought and then later abandoning it need explanation.

The project was called McLaren. The embedded 3D technology was for rendering better gesture control through Kinect-based gesture recognition. Microsoft may have gotten an edge by launching the phone, but it didn’t launch it because developers were not interested to work on apps and services that center around the 3D gesture control system.

A very recent development, heralded by Apple is glass-free 3D display. Apple considers the current display style of 3D objects unintuitive, in the sense that users themselves need to click or drag a 3D object in order to view it from multiple angles. The glass-free 3D display will change its perspectives based on where a user is positioned. The position of users will be identified through infrared or electromagnetic sensors.

The Future

The 3D technologies to put in appearance in the future will render:

Real-time modeling – Google’s Project Tango attempts to bring state-of-the-art 3D tracking coupled with…


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