The Remarkable 3D-TV Story You Don’t Know

LG curved 3D TV

Back in June, Bloomberg BusinessWeek wrote an article about ESPN calling it quits with 3D-TV, which they said meant that “Nails are being banged into the coffin for 3D television.”

They’re wrong.

In fact, very wrong. The problem is that Bloomberg was confusing 3D-TV with glasses and glassless 3D-TV. Two very different kettle of fish. I do suspect that stereoscopic 3D-TV (with glasses) is heading towards its end — as it should. More on that latter, but it was a bad idea, and it remains a bad idea.

The larger issue is the analysis misses [Continue reading…]

“There is a triple benefit of Ultra-D,” Mathu Rajan bubbles. “You get the benefit of 3D and there’s the amazing 4K resolution, but also with real-time converting, you have all content available to you – not to mention it can play native 4K content, of course.” [Continue reading…]



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