The SuperHero 3D Gimbal System

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We’re not asking you to invest in order to bring a product to market only to see it’s sold to mammoth corporation. We’re here to make products that you can use now! Not in 6 months.

Superhero 3D rig system for gopro ad v4 545

We designed these products and build them using our very own 3D Printer because we want to get these into your hands as quickly and cheaply as possible.  We want to give you the tools to make fantastic enhanced reality 3D. Whether you want to shoot on the ground or in the sky— WAIT NO MORE.

Superhero 3D rig system for gopro ad v3 545

GoPro has just released the Dual HERO System Housing.

The SuperHero 3D Gimbal System is the single best accessory for your GoPro Hero cameras. Whether you want to get perfectly stabilized hand-held shots or fly high with your drone, the SuperHero 3D Gimbal System will give you everything you need.


Here’s what you can get.

  • SuperHero 3D Rig –  Your choice of Fixed IA or Adjustable IA
  • Custom 3D Printed Gimbal
  • State-of-the-art Brushless Motors
  • Gimbal Controller Board (Open Source Software included)
  • All the wires and cables you need!
  • Hand-held Kit including Adjustable Handles
  • LCD Holders and cables (Coming Soon!)
  • DJI Phantom Kit includes custom Landing Gear

 We’ve created packages to suit everybody’s needs. To ORDER, click here.

Our Un-“KickStarter” Special: Order between now until the end of May 2014 at our introductory special prices. Orders on the special will ship 4-6 weeks after payment.


One thought on “The SuperHero 3D Gimbal System

  1. Hi Al,
    Couple of questions :
    With the 3D sync, how much does it drift over time? Do you have to adjust in software?
    Once connected is it just a matter of hitting the shutter button on one camera to start?
    With the software is that an auto exec function?
    Is it possible to hook up more than 2 cameras?

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