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Today’s 360 VR Buzz: VR Days Europe to Feature Training Solution Demo’s by Teslasuit

This was a very interesting BUZZ that I found today and wanted to share with you.

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Later this week VR Days Europe will be holding its annual virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) event in Amsterdam. The three-day conference is due to feature talks from some of the leading innovators in the industry, as well as exhibits and demonstrations of the latest tech. Tesla suit has confirmed it’ll be in attendance, showcasing its full-body haptic suit across a range of business verticals.

Tesla suit first came to public attention earlier this year, debuting its device during CES 2018, in Las Vegas. Designed as a cybernetic second skin, it can provide haptic feedback, motion capture, heat control and biometric systems for VR and AR experiences.

Aimed more towards the enterprise sector for training purposes, the Tesla suit enables the simulation of realistic industry cases, thus making corporate training more immersive and highly effective. The haptics ensures trainees receive direct, and unhindered feedback for better memory retention, whilst the biometrics allow monitoring of the emotional state of the user, providing stress level management, and adaptive training content.

Tesla suit will be showcased at booth A-50 at the exhibition venue of De Kromhouthal from 25-26 October. Attendees will be able to test the smart suit and come to chat with the developers about the future of AR/VR vision and haptics for enterprise training.

Additionally, Dimitri Mikhalchuk, Senior Vice-President of Business Development, for Tesla suit will discuss gamification enterprise at XR Enterprise Summit on 25 October. Based on gamification principle, VR experience with Tesla suit turns monotonous training and education into realistic, engaging activity that motivates trainees and increases the performance of novices and experts alike. Mikhalchuk will also take part in a discussion panel on the topic: “The state of the art and future trends of LBVR Hardware” in the framework of Media, Arts, Entertainment Summit.

Since its initial debut, Tesla suit has gone on to collaborate with Sarah Edwards, Creative Director of Global Unscripted Formats and head of Sony Pictures Televisions (SPT) brand new Future Formats team on a new VR project. For further details on VR Days Europe head to the official website. Any other updates keep reading VRFocus.

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