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Top 5 Trends in 4K Technology for the Next Four Years


4K Ultra HD maybe a very new trend but its market domination is indeed fast!

Cameras, TVs and even mobiles are rapidly improving with the ability to capture digital video at resolutions of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

4K is growing month by month. The new resolution format itself is slowly starting to remake perceptions of where the entire visual media industry will be going over the next few years.

We’re seeing this happen in ways that involve major media broadcasters, the Best Internet Providers, streaming media providers on the web and, most importantly, the film production industry.

Given these creeping changes that Ultra HD is creating, there are some seriously important trends with the technology that we can look forward to in the next four years.

  1. 4K Will Spur Demand for More Powerful Internet Connectivity
  2. The Majority of Ultra HD Content will be Delivered via Streaming Media
  3. 4K Screens Will be Everywhere
  4. Shooting Video in 4K Resolution will Become Standard in All Cameras
  5. 4K Ultra HD Will Replace Full HD as the Gold Standard Resolution

We’re seeing the same hunger for better display clarity that moved HD forward happen all over again but at an even faster rate of speed and it’s definitely here to stay.

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