Two-Hand Touch Sets Your Hands Free

As a tech journalist, I get a lot of things sent to me, but none excited me like the Two Hand Touch from Gig Gear.  This is a wearable iPad and tablet case that security your chest via a flexible harness, leaving both hands available to work what they need to do. Holding a camera on a gimbal as I do or mixing audio easily on the spot.

For me, I’m shooting with my ZCam K1 Pro on my Moza Air2 Gimbal. My iPad is directly connected by Wi-Fi giving me a preview image and all of the controls to adjust my camera as well as start and stop my recording. Before I either needed to have a second person or I needed to be a juggling artist to accomplish this. Now with my, Two Hand Touch, I can easily see the view directly in front of me on my iPad attached to my Two Hand Touch and control everything with only one hand leaving me with one hand to hold the gamble and camera. This works fantastic!

There is a Two Hand Touch 9 and a Two Hand Touch 12; each one is designed to fit the iPad 9.7 inch or the iPad Pro 12-inch respectively. The iPad or another tablet of similar size fits in a snug “shelf pouch” that velcros closed to keep the tablet secure. It then can stay closed and snug to your chest or flips down held in position with side straps giving you a virtual iPad shelf that you get to with ease.

When folded against your chest the Two Hand Touch has an assortment of pockets that you can utilize for a variety of accessories and tools. Pens, markers, a dB meter, microphones, gaffers tape, cables, radios, picks, drum keys, wrenches, and anything that you want to keep close.

As mentioned in their website,, “The Two Hand Touch is an ergonomically better option — eliminating the need of holding tablets up for long periods which can cause cramping and other repetitive motion injuries in the hand and fatigue in the arms. With the Two Hand Touch, the lightweight harness takes the tablet and puts the weight at the center of the trunk of the body allowing for a healthier method of utilizing a tablet for long periods. The Two Hand Touch can stay attached to the user for as long as necessary without causing fatigue or muscle cramping and tightening. “

I really couldn’t have said it any better myself!

To order yours, got to At checkout there’s a section called “Additional Information” and there’s an option to put in any notes regarding their order, Please put in Al Caudullo as where you saw the Two Hand Touch. Thanks so much and enjoy your Two Hand Touch.

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