Using D-Warp in Autopano Video Pro Alpha 1

Using D-Warp in Autopano Video Pro Alpha 1

There has been a little confusion about using the D-Warp feature in Autopano Video Pro Alpha 1 So I made this quick video about how to use it properly for you Omni 360 footage.

Start the Autopano Video Pro Alpha 1 software and load your footage. Stitch as you normally would.

Find the beginning of an area where you have a parallax issue.

Click CTRL-I to select the In Point

Go to where the area of the clip is clear of parallax. Remember that less is better.

Click CTRL-O to select the Out Point.

Next, click CTRL-F to select only the range that you will process.

Choose D-Warp in the menu bar and click “Compute D-Warp”.

In this case, the actual render time for a 4-second clip was 17 seconds to render.

Last, check your clip by playing back the timeline. The results are excellent. I can see clips that I felt were un-useable will now be fixed by using D-Warp.

WARNING at this stage with D_Warp DO NOT select your whole clip! It will be a disaster and will probably crash the software. REMEMBER this is not even BETA yet, it is just the FIRST ALPHA.

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