Vuze XR: The VR180-360 Dual Camera Tip for File Numbering Your Shots

I love my  VuzeXR, But one thing That drives me crazy Is that when I am shooting with multiple cards, the file numbering system starts with number one all over again every time I change the card or when I download it and reformat.

Open the DCIM folder and then the 100VUZXR folder

 This can really drive you crazy when you’re editing, and you have three or four HET_0001 files.

Open the Vuze XR in Explorer

I wanted to share a quick and easy way to get around this.  

Highlight all files except for the last one

 Here’s what I do. When I’m in the field and shooting, I Shoot one more Very short Video. Then After I download, I open up the D CIM folder and then the 100 VUZXR folders.  There is where you’ll see all of your files. The next step I use my mouse to select all but the very last short 2-second video that I created. An I delete everything but that one.

Delete all the other files on the drive after you download them

That’s it,  I just disconnect my Vuze XR and get back to shooting more, and the numbers just keep going from there.


 I hope this helps some of you out there who are in the same situation that I am where you shoot a lot with your Vuze  XR camera.

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