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Which is More Realistic? AVATAR 3D or Christmas Carol 3D?

The most stunning movies of the decade is about to come this December. Its “Avatar” 3D and “A Christmas Carol” 3D. Have you ever watch movie trailers of these? Which is more realistic?

James Cameron’s “Avatar” in 3D is the first film to incorporate live-action and CG animated characters interacting on a 3D plane of existence. Try viewing the movie trailer a thousand times and “Avatar” CGs look genuine, amazingly! James Cameron’s Avatar had really took advantage of al 3D technology has to offer.

Jim Carrey’s voice as Ebenezer Scrooge

Another revolutionary film to look at is “A Christmas Carol”. The story might seem familiar but hey, 3D brought a fresh new look to it. Robert Zemeckis’ CG movie “A Christmas Carol” have the guts to compete with James Cameron’s Avatar. It has Jim Carrey’s voice as Ebenezer Scrooge.

Undoubtedly, “Avatar” will attract more movie-goers. Its heavy action notion, CG animate characters and it uses 3D technologies to the fullest. On the other hand, “A Christmas Carol” has nothing new to tender. But then, it takes an old old story everyone can relate and puts a new approach of envisaging the traditional for the 21st century.

source:  northernstar.info