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You Can’t Have One Without The Other



















When I look at my videos, as I am editing them together, it strikes me that there is one thing that many of us take for granted. When you are out on the road, in the field, in the thick of it, the one common item that we all need, no matter the camera or device, it’s your batteries.










If they fail you, then you have lost, possibly, the shot of a lifetime. How do you prevent this from happening? By carefully doing your due diligence, when it comes to your choice of a battery. We all take so much time in choosing just the right camera, just the right lens. But how much time do you really spend choosing your battery.

















It doesn’t matter if it’s a sunrise or a volcano or if newcomer Alain Moussi and Jean Claude Van Damme are pointing at you, If you don’t have the right battery system, then you might now get that shot.










I have chosen Blueshape BubblePak as my system of choice, It powers my camera and my Atomos Shogun at the same time and never lets me down. My recommendation, use Blueshape and don’t miss the shot!