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Zaxtar Player Supports 4K 2160P60

News arrived today in the Display Daily work zone of a development in professional video players (as we’re spread over around 8.5K kilometres, we can’t really talk about an office!). Zaxtar of the US, based in Silicon Valley and with an office in Japan, announced that it is able to support UltraHD content at a full 60P frame rate (3840 x 2160P60), even in high quality 4:4:4 mode.

The system supports DisplayPort (and multi-output DVI) to transmit that data to the display but has also been adapted with an extra processor to allow output of 60P content on HDMI 1.4 hardware, using the option to support 4:2:0 chroma sub-sampling that is outlined in HDMI 2.0*. This means that the system can work with high quality professional systems (in 3G SDI as well), but can simultaneously drive lower cost consumer TVs.

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