3D Low Budget Filmmaker Must Haves

Full gear 3D production on a budget! Recommended products by the 3DGuy Al Caudullo. For rental inquiries, email al(at)3dguy(dot)tv.


And the No.1 of the must-haves… the SuperHero 3D System (featured on UK’s Gadget Show).


2 thoughts on “3D Low Budget Filmmaker Must Haves

  1. I am starting a marketing, fashion show, hair tutorial, and live concerts. I am going to film the boutique fashion shows first and need 3 3D camcorders, so when I edit I can put on phones, they can order a lenticular tv to show in their windows. I am having a hard time figuring out what camcorders to get. I have an old Fuji finepix real 3D. These camcorders will be on slider tracks with a camera tracking system. Any help would be appreciated. I already have some boutique’s loving the idea. One of them makes clothes for Motley Crue. They might do a song or two. Any help with cameras would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Damian. You can also call at (949) 295-4195.

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