3D Printing To Give Man A New Leg

Adam WhiteReprinted from at 3D Print.Com

There have been so many incredible stories we have covered over the last year. In fact, as 3DPrint.com turns a year old, the topics which have received the most feedback have been those related to the 3D printing of prostheses. Literally thousands of individuals are having their lives made a little bit better, thanks to this incredible technology. When a father can crate a prosthetic hand for his child for under $50 on a desktop 3D printer, the topic certainly can be an emotional one.

Although thousands of people are benefiting, there are hundreds of thousands who are not. 3D printers are typically expensive, and the information required to design and print such intricate components for a prosthesis is not always easily accessible, especially for those who seek a lower extremity like a leg. This either leaves patients using mechanical looking legs or legs which may or may not fit them the way they should.

One Fayetteville, North Carolina man, named Adam White, fits into the aforementioned category. White, also known as DJ Rewind, thanks to his DJ profession, is very much loved within his community. Back in 2013, he unfortunately got into a motorcycle accident which left him without a left foot. If you ride a motorcycle, then it’s wise to arm yourself with knowledge of the common causes of motorcycle accidents so you can put measures in place to prevent yourself from becoming injured in an accident too. Having the details of an experienced lawyer in this particular area of law might not be such a bad thing to keep on your person if you’re a biker as accidents are more common than most would like to think – if you need to, reaching out via sites like diamondlaw.ca could help get you the representation you need to fight a legal battle and get justice for your situation. Motorcycle accidents are often very dangerous due to the vulnerability of the rider which, in this case, led to life-changing injuries. Those who have been involved in a similar accident, and who have been hurt as a result, may want the help of personal injury attorneys springfield in seeking justice for what has happened to them.

Although White was able to obtain a prosthetic leg, which he is very grateful for, he does have a few qualms. The leg, which is an Ossur Reflex shock with Evo, doesn’t exactly look like a leg. In fact it’s more like a metal rod with some tubing and other oddly shaped components coming off of it. He’s noticed the same for many war veterans in his community. While there are many amazing initiatives in place for aesthetically pleasing prosthetic hands, options for legs which are created in a shape similar to human form, are not too common.

Recently though, White stumbled upon prosthetic fairings which fit around a prostheses, giving the leg a more human-like appearance. He then got the bright idea of starting a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to allow him to not only 3D Print custom fairings for himself but to also 3D Print fairings for veterans and other disabled individuals in his community.

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