Ridley Scott bids on MasterImage3D

Ridley Scott is expanding his depth into 3D with a bid for an ownership stake in one of the top manufacturers of 3D glasses and projection systems –MasterImage 3D. He has named his new production company Scott Three Productions ,  and is planning on the set of Alien prequels to be shot in 3D.Scott is hoping that the new increase of 3D and digital theaters will make MasterImage 3D a much stronger competitor over the dominant 3D tech companies like RealD and XpanD. MasterImage 3D sells equipment outright to movie theaters, and does not demand royalties for each ticket sold.

The real question now is if Scott’s investment will make him rethink his reluctance to re-release the original Alien or other classic Scott movies like Blade Runner in 3D. Let’s hope not.

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