Adobe Premiere CC 2108-Immersive HMD Setup Part 2

Hello to my 360 VR Video friends, this is  Al Caudullo, and I’m going to show you a little bit more today about working with a new Premiere Pro CC 2018 and the immersive tools that we’ve been given, the wonderful little gift they’ve given us. If you go over here take a look here on the screen (Watch the video). You go over to the tools you’re going to see something new here.

It’s called Monitor Ambisonic sound. This will allow you to monitor ambisonic audio in your headset so you can hear what’s going on if you’re using ambisonic sound which hopefully you will be. Then here in your VR Video setting, you’re going to Enable it.

That will give you, as you notice on the screen here,  it will show you your view that you would have inside a headset, so you can tell what it’s going to look like. And if you select, Track Head Mounted Display, then you when pick up your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive Headset, you can look all around your 360 immersive video.

Now one thing you’re going to notice about this is that you know that if I grab my controller. I’m going to bring up the headset mirror view in Steam so you here so you can see this what is displayed inside the HMD.

Now we’re going to turn this on by pressing the B button on my controller. Now you can see my timeline inside the headset. But you notice you do not see it in the regular display. You will only see it inside your headset. Another feature is if you bring the controller close to your headset you’ll notice that the labels appear. So you can see what you’re you can press and what it will do for you.

Also if you press and hold you’ll get your jog and shuttle so that you can go ahead and move forward and adjust things as you go forward or backward in the timeline. Press B and the timeline disapears.

But it’s very nice because you’ll only see this when you have your headset on, and you’ll not see it when you’re looking at it without the headset. So those are a few more settings that you should be aware of. Enjoy the new program if you have any questions. Give me a shout.

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