Adobe Premiere VR180 Tutorial: Importing and Conforming VuzeXR Video Files

For those of you who don’t know the Vuze XR is a fantastic vr180 and 360 dual VR camera that records in either 5.7 k or 4K.

Open Premiere and Import VR180 Files

In a previous tutorial, I showed you how to import your files into your computer and use the Vuze VR Studio to get your files ready for editing.

Grab only VR180 Files

Now I’m going to show you what to do as you bring your files into Premiere Pro CC 2019 to start your video edit.

Drag one file in to create a new sequence and check the sequence settings

I like to create several bins to keep my files in order, so I’m going to bring my Vuze XR video files into my footage folder.

So the first thing to do is to import the files into Premiere Pro CC 2019.

Select VR180 Files-Modify-Interpret Footage

I’m going to grab just my vr180 files and drag them in.

Now if I drag one of these in at to create a new sequence.

Then I take a look at my sequence settings you’ll notice it thinks that it’s monoscopic and it thinks that it’s 360 rather than VR180.

Conform to VR180 Settings for Sequence

Let me show you the proper way to do this.

We will delete that sequence and what I’m going to do is I’m going to highlight and select all of my files.

I’m going to right-click I’m going to click on “modify” and then “interpret footage.”

Next, I’m going to go down here at the bottom for the VR properties.

Now create Sequence and check settings for VR180

Notice it says it is equirectangular monoscopic 360 and it’s we need to change that.

So we’re going to conform all of these files to equirectangular side by side and 180.

When I drag these files into create a new sequence and I check my sequence settings it’s all correct.

Now we’re ready to go and you can go ahead and edit your files.

Check VR Settings for Anaglyph to check separation

However you like if you want to see it in anaglyph while you’re working on it you can activate that in the settings so that you can see the anaglyph separation and if you’ve got a pair of red-cyan anaglyph glasses then you’re all set to go.

That’s it, happy editing everybody!

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