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Eco-Friendly ABS 3D Printing Filament


Los Angeles, CA (August 11, 2015) – 3D Printlife brings the world’s first Eco-Friendly ABS 3D printing filament to the market with Enviro 

Enviro ABS is 3D Printlife’s own premium 3D printing filament. Unlike every other ABS filament on the market, Enviro ABS is specially formulated to be environmentally friendly. Enviro ABS works by blending traditional ABS plastic with a special biopolymer. This formula allows microbial consumption from bacteria commonly found in active landfills. “We set out to make a filament that is good for the environment and still prints well”, says 3D Printlife CEO Jeff Stevens, “we are excited that Enviro not only prints well, it prints incredibly well!”
Everything about Enviro ABS is focused on top quality 3D printing and the environment. From environmentally friendly plastics to biodegradable packing, Enviro ABS is dedicated to a clean environment. So dedicated, that 3D Printlife plants a new tree for every spool of Enviro sold.


Recent industry insider comments on Enviro ABS:

“We love the filament. 1st print came out BEAUTIFUL!!!” – Craig Walker, Coho 3D

“I am delighted with the printing quality of Enviro ABS. After nearly five years of materials experiment and many hours of lab trials, we are honored that we’ve played a role in this effort, culminating in a superior 3D printer filament!” – Stephen Conley, Founder, Sierra Resins


Source: Press Release