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ExpressPlay 4K DRM: Hollywood standards for content protection

MStar integrates Intertrust DRM for 4K-s

Silicon specialist MStar has integrated Intertrust’s ExpressPlay Ultra HD digital rights management (DRM) in its system-on-chips (SoCs) for 4KTVs, set-top boxes and over-the-top (OTT) IP box.

By integrating ExpressPlay UHD with MStar TEE, MStar can provide customers with the ability to meet Hollywood standards for content protection.

“The 4K/UHD market has taken off, and we are committed to provide the highest level of security to operators and OTT service providers to offer the richest media experience to consumers,” said Wayne Tsai, marketing director at MStar. “ExpressPlay UHD with MStar TEE offers the complete security solution for the 4K market, and delivers secure, renewable and updatable media-protection technology to operators and OTT service providers.”

ExpressPlay UHD with MStar TEE provides hardware security, a trusted execution environment (TEE), and secure video paths. MStar implements Marlin on its TEE environment to provide secure boot, key protection, secure video path and HDCP2.2 functions in hardware. Together with Rambus’ Cryptography Research Division, MStar also provides third-party root of trust on its SoC platform to deliver post-activation capability for all devices in the field, and is part of the MovieLabs specifications for enhanced content protection.

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