FY FEIYUTECH G360 Gimbal for 360 Panorama Camera Breakthrough Deal






FeiyuTech’s the G360, a stabilized 3-axis gimbal for 360 cameras. They are world renowned for quality 360 gimbals. But this deal is unbelievable.

360 videos need to have a level horizon so they can be viewed comfortably.  Besides using a tripod for static shots, there are several ways to stabilize a 360 video, such as software.  One effective way to stabilize your 360 video is with a gimbal.  Conventional gimbals have motors that block a 360 camera’s view, hence the need for a gimbal specifically for 360 cameras.








The key features include:
– quick release plate
– unlimited 360 panning
– control via iOS or Android smartphone
– one press panorama (for non-360 cameras or smartphones).
– 6 hour battery life







There are ONLY 30 units of the FY FEIYUTECH G360 Gimbal for Panorama Camera – BLACK 223144201

code:GBG360 289.99$ https://buff.ly/2xPJ8FB

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