Hardware-accelerated 3D Graphics for Firefox

WebGL, an emerging technology for bringing hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the Web is getting a lot closer to realism.

Last week, programmers began building WebGL into Firefox’s nightly builds, the developer versions used to test the latest updates to the open-source browser. Also this month, programmers began building WebGL into WebKit, the project that’s used in both Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome.

Overall, the moves stand to accelerate the pace of WebGL development by making it easier to try out. But the technology still has a ways to go before people will be able to play Web-based versions of a 3D software such as first-person shooter video games or Google Earth.

Vladimir Vukicevic once said in a blog post, “All of these implementations are going to have some interoperability issues for the next little while, as the spec is still in flux and we’re tracking it at different rates, but will hopefully start to stabilize over the next few months.” …

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